Domestic Steel

Automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular, whether to safeguard your property or for convenience, they are no longer the prerogative of the rich.

A range of options provide reliable and cost effective solutions complemented by a range of access control products to make the system suit your own requirements; from intercoms (video and audio), digital keypads, proximity systems and time clock… the list is almost endless!

A true ‘one off purchase’ the Tony Cook range of steel gates are individually designed to suit your home and budget. All our gates are built in our fabricating workshop to the highest standards using a mixture of hollow section and solid steel.

Once built each gate is hot dip galvanized then powder coated to give the best possible long lasting finish. All steel gates can be automated though manual versions are available.

Here are just a few of the design options available.

Technical Information

We believe that when purchasing decorative steel gates they should be made to ‘last a lifetime’ and to this end we make sure that the following procedures are carried out:

• Design – as the gates are going to be in place for many years it is important that the design is one that you will enjoy as much in 10 years as today.
• Construction – made from hollow section or solid bar steel, when welded our gates go through a process where the visible welds are, as much as possible, ground down to give a smooth finish.
• Galvanizing – your gates will then be put through the galvanizing process that entails the whole gate being immersed in a bath of molten zinc to prevent the steelwork rusting. This process leaves the gate rough to the touch so the gate is then polished to get it back to its pre galvanised pristine finish.
• Powder Coating – this is the best finish you can give to any steelwork. Your gate is put into an oven where it is sprayed with a dry paint powder that is attracted magnetically to the steel. This ‘baked’ on look giving a beautiful yet tough finish. Black is considered the norm but other colours are available.