Maintenance of your garden, parkland or estate is essential to keep it healthy, clean, safe and attractive. It can be something as simple as mowing the grass every few days to managing a big estate.

Our Landscape Maintenance Team will plan a schedule of works to suit the requirements of your garden or land using the appropriate tools, supplies, knowledge and skills. It may include carrying out annual plantings, harvestings, weeding, fertilising, lawn care, driveway and path maintenance, pruning, topiary, lighting, fencing, run-off drainage and irrigation along with other jobs for protecting and improving the topsoil, plants, and garden accessories. It’s an endless list…

There may be pest problems to manage, like local animals (including birds, rodents, reptiles, insects, and domestic animals or pets), which entails creating the means to attract or repel them, whichever is necessary.

Your garden may be blessed with exotic species, like fish in your pond, that need specialist care, and on larger estates and parklands the maintenance team may be responsible for providing and maintaining habitats for wild animals. Our Maintenance Team can take care of it all.