Automatic & Electric Gates

Industrial & Commercial Automatic Gates

Automatic and electric gates provide reliable and cost effective solutions to secure your property. Whether you install a swing or sliding electric gate, a range of access controls can be used to suit your needs.

Most industrial and commercial gates are very large to cover wide entrance points, such as yard entrances and car parks.  We usually install these gates for security reasons so our designs focus on this, rather than just how attractive they look.

We use a selection of high quality materials to create our automatic gates. Depending upon your security and budget requirements, we will find a solution to suit you.

Automatic and electric gates are often necessary for health and safety reasons, along with improving your site security. Heavy duty mechanisms can cope with these large gates and the amount of vehicle traffic they are to deal with.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our automations team.


Automatic gates provide a range of reliable and cost effective solutions to privacy and security – whether you install a swing or sliding timber gate, automation is a viable and desirable choice.

A range of access control products can make your gates suit your requirements, from intercoms (video and audio), digital keypads, proximity systems and time clocks… the list is almost endless!

An extensive range of designs are available, all expertly hand made by skilled craftsmen and constructed using a range of timbers from, high quality imported redwood to a range of hardwoods including Iroko, Cedar or European Oak.

There are a range of timber treatments and finishes available giving you a gate that will look good for many years.

Our gates are substantially constructed in house in our joinery shop to withstand the rigours of being automated, a solution to privacy and security within a domestic environment which is becoming increasingly popular.


Automated rising arm barriers are a cost effective means of access control onto a site, with varying sizes of boom length, duty ratings and speed of operation to suit most budgets.

They are extremely versatile and are used on everything from multi storey car parks that are in constant use to factories, schools and apartment blocks, and even smaller urban car parks where parking spaces are at a premium and where it is often necessary to dissuade the nuisance parker.


These items are used to prevent vehicular passage but to allow pedestrians free access, mainly on commercial situations such as, in front of shops or factories, along roadways and footpaths but sometimes on domestic sites.

With an almost infinite range of designs, sizes and materials they can be made from recycled plastics, cast iron, wood, stainless steel, etc. to suit the customer’s specific needs. They are concreted into place and provide a long lasting line of low maintenance security.

They can be fixed or static, lift out, manual lower or automatic.


For pedestrian access control, internal or external versions are used to limit, slow down or exclude individuals. Turnstiles can be controlled in various ways and can be automated or manually operated.

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