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Our team of experienced tradesmen complete large commercial fencing & landscaping works across the UK.  We offer a fully managed service, from design, estimating, site management and after-sales care.  Our team take pride in their work and we ensure every job is completed to a first-class standard.

We can also erect fencing and carry out landscaping work at your home at a highly competitive rate.

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Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is traditionally used for security purposes on industrial and commercial sites and at schools. There are a number of different steel fencing systems ranging from palisade, providing a high-level security fence, to mesh systems normally used where visibly is required but with a lower security level.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is ideal for schools, public areas, commercial premises, industrial and high security sites.  Designed to be a strong and durable construction, palisade fencing provides excellent protection against climbing and cut-through.  Available galvanised or powder coated to provide a tough, durable finish.

Rigid Mesh Systems

Ideal for schools, public areas, commercial premises and industrial sites where other products may not be suitable but demarcation is required.  We offer the following systems: Twin Guard, V-Beam, Ball Court (MUGA), 358 and Roll Top.


Chainlink fencing can meet most needs, from light security to heavy commercial use, and agricultural to domestic.  It is constructed from a simple woven mesh of steel wire.


A strong and safe fencing system meeting the needs of schools, play areas, sports parks, commercial premises and private housing.

Due to its rigidity and versatility, Weldmesh fencing supports all types of perimeter security requirements. It is a high-quality product that is easy to erect efficiently & rapidly on any type of steel, concrete or timber posts.


Bow top railings and vertical bar railings are ideal for schools, play areas, commercial properties and retail outlets.  Different types are available to suit the look and purpose you require. Ornamental railings provide an aesthetically pleasing security fence for housing projects or community areas.

Razor Barb

Razor barb is an effective secondary line of defence to prevent unauthorised access. It is widely used to complement high security fencing such as palisade to protect government, industrial, commercial and military property.

Rota Spike Top

Rota Spike Top is a simple yet effective anti-scaling system mounted to the top of fences for use where other methods like broken glass or wall spikes may be considered too dangerous. It is approved by local authorities.

Timber Fencing

Ideal for gardens, parks, field and estates, timber fencing defines boundaries.  It will help maintain your security without spoiling the look of your garden or property – in fact, it can greatly enhance it!

Timber fencing comes in a wide variety of designs, heights and specifications with a variety of extra features ensuring something to suit almost any budget and requirements…

Temporary Fencing

Used to protect the public from the hazards of a construction site, to provide a safe environment for construction employees to work in, and for keeping both sites and compounds protected from theft and vandalism, temporary fencing provides a cost effective barrier.

Constructed of robust panels of galvanised steel or timber, hoarding is mainly used for longer term developments, and where privacy and safety is paramount. A client’s corporate image and branding may be added to the panels by way of an advertisement to signify that development work is taking place.

Acoustic Fencing

Designed to reduce noise levels and ideal in situations where noise reduction is essential, acoustic fencing is increasingly in demand by planners and architects.


Matching gates of any size are available in all specifications, from a simple pedestrian gate to a large vehicle access gate, manually operated or automated. Standard gates are available or tailor made to suit your requirements. All manually operated gates are supplied with rear hung adjustable hinges, robust pad-lockable slide latches and drop bolts.

Barriers & Bollards

Hoop barriers are ideal for car parks, shopping trolley bays, securing bicycles and motorcycles, marking boundaries and for the protection of vulnerable entrances and exits.  Usually used where easy pedestrian access is required without the need for security fencing or gates.

Bollards are ideal deterrent to protect all types of premises such as shops, warehouses and car showrooms against ram-raiding.  All posts are manufactured from galvanised steel to prevent corrosion.  We offer a choice of bollards which are all lockable.

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